Statement to be published on the website about Futury Venture Fund’s policy on the integration of sustainability risks in the investment decision‐makingprocess (according to article 3 SFDR)

Financial market participant: Futury Venture Fund

Futury Venture Fonds partly considersadverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors. Thepresent statement is the consolidated principal adverse sustainability impactsstatement of Futury Private Venture GmbH (LEI: 391200CHP0U0Q3QTSP10) and Futury Venture BeteiligungenDeutschland-Hessen GmbH.

This principal adverse impactsstatement covers the reference period from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

Description of principal  adverse sustainability impacts

Due to  its LP structure including the Land of Hessen and value driven private  investors Futury Venture Fund  pays particular attention to some of the sustainability  factors and excludes several types of investment that would harm  environmental, social, ethical or governance factors. Impacts on  sustainability factors are partly considered in the due diligence process  taking due account of our fund size, the nature and scale of our activities  and the specificities of the venture capital business (investments in  start-ups). Futury Venture Fonds applies the proportionality principle.

Futury Regio Growth Fund considers sustainability risks, as integral part of the risk analysis, in the  investment decision making process. The results of this Due Diligence are  taken into account for the investment decision. Futury Venture Fund has decided to improve,  to develop a more systematic ESG policy and to introduce an ESG management  system. Work is in progress.

After  Board’s decision on ESG policy and management system, we will publish more  information about our policies on the identification and prioritisation of  principal adverse sustainability impacts and indicators as well as any  actions in relation thereto taken or planned.

In this  context we will check a possible adherence to responsible business conduct  codes and internationally recognised standards and reporting and if relevant  the degree of its alignment with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

According to article 5 SFDR we will include a statement on how those  policies are consistent with the integration of sustainability risks in our  remuneration policies information.


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